The Truth About God

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A Subject this enormous makes it difficult to know where to begin. Usually, the beginning is a good place to begin, but this brings us to another difficulty. Which beginning? Does God even have a beginning? Which God are we talking about? How many are there? As usual, this subject seems to create more questions than answers, and that’s okay. We don’t know everything, nor is it necessary to do so.

This subject, more than any other, needs to be approached, with only one goal in mind; the truth. To be sure, the myriad concepts or ideas of God are super-charged with emotion. We each have our own concept of God, and it is very personal to each of us. While vague generalizations are usually okay, a detailed conversation regarding God, is certainly a very sensitive subject, indeed.

There are things that I know about God; There are more things that I do not know about Him. There are things that I believe about Him, and there are reasonably drawn conclusions that I have, which may or may not be true. Therefore, much of this writing can truly, only be considered, my personal beliefs. This brings me back to our goal of truth.

Unfortunately, most people simply believe what they want to believe. Everyone has an agenda. Many will lie to themselves in order to try to acquire peace of mind. The varying concepts of God are tied to man-made religions and traditions that, to many, are more important than anything, including their lives. To many people, their religion, or their false idea of God, is more important to them than God Himself. As you already know, not only will some people die for their religion, they will kill you for it, too!

So, why should you believe anything I write about God? Because I probably know Him better than you; I’ve probably studied Him more than you, and I have no agenda besides truth. I hate religion, and I hate lies. I owe no religious allegiances to family, church, or anything else. You can reject everything I say, but you cannot dispute my findings until you have put in the work that I have, and relinquished all of your allegiances and biases.

I’ve known God, and felt His presence all my life. I’ve sought Him since my early childhood, and studied His ways for decades. Therefore, I’m as qualified as anyone else to write about Him. So, here goes.

Like everything else, most things believed and said about God are false. Therefore, it becomes necessary to say what He is Not. Although I refer to Him as such, God is not really a He. God is not a man, nor does He have a gender. God is a Spirit Being. God is an Invisible Mind. God is not a religion. God is not a “trinity”. God is the Creator and Overseer of everything that exists. Just as He will have no end, He never had a beginning, because He is Eternal. Time was His creation, and He is not bound by it.

God is not a Hindu, nor is He a Muslim. He, most definitely, is not a Jew, nor is He even a Christian. You must understand; He is not a belief system, nor is He a concept molded in the minds of men. Again, God is not a religion, nor should He be thought of as being a part of religion. God is not temple, synagogue, church, mosque, support group, or twelve-step program.

Now, let me address a pet-peeve of mine. God’s name is not “God”. It is an insult to call Him that. I’ve done so to this point, so you understand Who we’re writing about, but His name is not “God” or “Lord”. His name is not “Allah”. His name is not “Jehovah”. His name, properly transliterated into English is, “YHUH”. His name is not YHWH or YHVH. The V is doubtful and the letter W is relatively new. With the added vowel, His name is “YAHUAH” (pronounced – Yah-hoo-ah). This is very similar to, the more familiar name, of “YAHWEH”, which is, perhaps, close enough. I’m not sure of the exact pronunciation because the A’s in Yahuah could be replaced with another vowel or combination thereof. Some examples: Yahueh, Yohueh, Yihuih, Yehuah, etc. His name, as it appears in print and carvings, has no vowels. The following graphic displays His name in the original Paleo Hebrew.

It is insulting to call Yahuah by the titles of LORD and GOD, because those are titles for the pagan false deity named BA’AL. Some even consider Ba’al and Satan to be one in the same. If that is true, then when you refer to Yahuah as God or Lord, you are actually calling Him, Ba’al or Satan. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’ve done this out of ignorance. Remember, we’ve all been deceived about everything. Now that you know, you may proceed accordingly. Yahuah understands.

Another word associated with our Creator is, Alahiym. This is the same as the more familiar word, Elohim. Alahiym (Elohim) means, “Mighty One” or “mighty ones”. This word is also used in the plural and can refer to other, or lesser gods. Therefore, the Creator’s full name, title, and meaning is thus, “YAHUAH ALAHIYM” “I AM THE MIGHTY ONE”. Interestingly, all the tenses in “I AM” are implied, which is in keeping with the fact that Yahuah is Eternal: I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE. I AM is present tense, meaning He is Eternal. He is All Present, All the time. He Was, Is, and shall Be – without beginning – without end.

Just as it is extremely difficult for many to separate Yahuah (God) from a religion, it is equally as difficult to dis-associate Him from the “holy books” written about Him. The reasons why will be examined in a future article. Yet, ironically, God is All and in All. Yahuah is a part of His creation. He didn’t create all things out of nothing; He created everything out of Himself. He created good and evil for a purpose. He has the ability to prevent anything or cause anything. He can open doors that no man can shut, and He can shut doors that no man can open.

With this in mind, we know that religions have their books. Each one contains at least, some truth, yet, none are completely true. The Jewish Talmud is a satanic and blasphemous work. It’s not worth discussing, so I’ll move on. The Koran isn’t much better. As far as the Rig Veda, Mahabarata, and other Eastern texts, they are simply a mixture of history (some true-some false) with philosophical and man-made religious views. While they may have some historical value and may be of use to philosophers, these writings alone, will not teach you who, or what, Yahuah (God) is.

Which brings us to the most famous book of all time, the Bible. Just as we could discuss the Creator for days on end, there is so much to be said on this book of books. I will try to be disciplined and leave much of this for another time. Just like the word “God”, the word “Bible” is a misnomer. The Scriptures (Bible), or at least part of them, in their original form, were inspired by Yahuah. There are many reasons to believe this, but again, that is another subject for another time. But, the point that I must make here is this. In order to acquire a more accurate and factual understanding of Yahuah (God), it is helpful to study the Scriptures (Bible). Notice I didn’t say go to a church building and let some charlatan tell you what the Bible says. If you do, you will only be indoctrinated with religion, and you will still know little about God.

The Bible is like a handgun. If you play with it, and misuse it, it can be dangerous and harmful. However, if you study it correctly, and use it properly, and respect it’s power and potential effects, it can accomplish much good. It can feed you, protect you, and even save your life. So, let me ask you; would you take your loaded pistol to church, and give it to the preacher, and let him wave it around the auditorium, pointing it randomly at different people? Do you get my point? Let him with ears to hear……….

The problem with the Scriptures, is that men have been in charge of them, and men can’t be trusted. Even worse, Yahuah’s own enemies have tampered with it. Time, decay, scribal errors, translation errors, intentional additions, subtractions, re-arrangement, etc., have left it in disarray; it’s a jigsaw puzzle with a million pieces. However, it is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings, to search out a matter. Yahuah wants you to work the puzzle, and He wants to help you. If you decide to accept His challenge, I promise you, He will give you the ability (discernment) to be successful. If not, that’s okay, too; because if you are one of His, He has already written the most important stuff on your heart and mind, anyway. So, no worries.

As difficult as this writing was to begin, it is equally as hard to finish. There isn’t a good stopping place. There is so much to be said about the Creator of all that is. Yahuah (God) has a plan and purpose for us to examine. There is a hidden, forbidden history concerning His creation that needs to be told. Yahuah has a family here, on Earth, that you need to know about, and He has a group of enemies, too. These are the ones who cause all of the world’s problems, and they are the source of your being deceived all of your life. All of this, and more, will be addressed in future articles.

It’s likely that there are some smarty-pants, know-it-alls (other than me) here to find fault with me and criticize my articles. So, for you knuckle-heads, why don’t you go to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s mind-programming site. But chances are, if you are reading this, then you may be interested in learning more about Yahuah. If that is the case, just be diligent and patient, and you’ll get there. I have sought the Creator for nearly half a century, and what I’ve learned is, I still have a lot to learn. But, remember this; it is written that you will seek Him and you will find Him, when you seek Him with all your heart. I’ve found this to be absolutely true in my own life. I’d be glad to help you, if I can. Just e-mail me.