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What if you were told that everything you thought you knew was wrong, and that you have been systematically deceived about everything, all of your life?

Well, the truth is, there has been a plan – a conspiracy, to manipulate your thinking, and control your thoughts and behavior, from the time of your childhood until the day that you draw your last breath. This conspiracy is thousands of years old in it’s planning and execution, and it is a conspiracy so enormous, that it affects every area, of every life, on Earth. It’s plotters and planners are evil to an extent that most people simply aren’t able to believe or understand, much less, accept. We will begin to expose this conspiracy in more detail, in future articles.

Unfortunately, deception is commonplace in this existence. We are constantly fooling each other, and even ourselves. When you were a child, your parents probably told you there was a fat man in a red suit that comes down your chimney and leaves you toys every year, and that a fairy would leave money under your pillow at night in exchange for a recently pulled tooth.

When you began your “education,” you were programmed and conditioned to conform to society and behave in a certain manner. You began to learn historical “facts.” Columbus was the first to discover America, or George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, or Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity while flying a kite in a lightning storm. You believed all these lies.

And now you are conditioned in what to think, what to eat, what to buy, how to behave, how to raise your kids, and to believe government, media, education, science, and your doctor. But, you are never told to think for yourself. You are never told to question everything you’re told. You are told to ask questions, but never question the answers that you are given. Have you ever thought about this? Have you considered that some things that are supposed to be common knowledge just don’t really make sense? Something just doesn’t seem right about all the information we are given, and expected to accept on blind faith.

Maybe you’re like me. On 9/11, as I watched the images of the World Trade Center towers fall into their own footprints, just like two perfectly executed, controlled demolitions, I said, “Wait a minute! Something suspicious is happening here.” Now, I’m no expert, but I was almost certain, that steel buildings didn’t fall like that, unless there was a lot of planning and work done beforehand. But, as perplexing as that event was, you can imagine my confusion, when several hours later, I witnessed WTC Building 7 collapse in the exact same manner, only this building wasn’t hit by any plane!

I know you have heard the official explanations by now, about fire and heat and blah, blah, blah, but, here is an interesting fact: Before 9/11/2001, many steel buildings had caught fire or been engulfed in flames, but not one, anywhere, in all of history, has EVER collapsed due to fire. On that day, three did. Two planes – three buildings – three collapses. Of course, conspicuous (or complicit) by their silence, the so-called “news media,” and the history books, never mention WTC 7, the third building that collapsed, but you can google it, and perhaps see a youtube video on it, if (((they))) haven’t already taken them all down.

Even before 9/11, I was suspicious of authority. You see, years earlier, I had experienced a traumatic event. My parents, weary from all the typical questions about Santa Claus, from a growing child, finally broke-down and admitted that it was all a big charade. I was more than shocked. I was devastated. Despite their good intentions, I was seriously affected by this. Even at that age, I knew there was something wrong with deceiving people. I never trusted adults again. If they would lie about something that insignificant, then surely they would do the same in more important and serious matters, if it was in their interests, or to their advantage to do so.

As the years went by, I was determined to live the rest of my life as free from deception as possible. So, when 9/11 came, the warning bells went off. Being the inquisitive type, it was only natural for me to search for the answers, not only to 9/11, but many other things, as well. I wondered about the meaning of life and the purpose of existence. I looked for the answers in religion and spirituality, the occult, and alternative history. I became a Freemason and a Christian pastor, all the while seeking answers and searching for truth.

Eventually, the answers to many of my questions were answered. There have been many surprises and unexpected answers, and I’ve only just scratched the surface. If the journey is the destination, then I guess I’ve arrived.

But, maybe you’re not weird, like me. You may not have been emotionally scarred by finding out there’s no Santa. Perhaps, you’re too intelligent and educated to be misled, and maybe it’s everyone else who has been deceived. Then, think about the following questions. Don’t just read them – but really ponder them. Do what (((they))) don’t want you to do – think.

Do you really believe the Earth is spinning like a top, while flying through the universe at thousands of miles per hour?
Do you really believe the Sun is 93,000,000 miles away and the Moon 250,000?
Do you really believe humans came from monkeys?
Do you really believe all races came from a common ancestor?
Do you really believe that practicing religions lead to God?
Do you really believe vaccines containing mercury are safe for children?
Do you really believe a handful of cave-dwellers in another continent can plan and execute a sophisticated terrorist attack that can’t be defended by Earth’s most powerful military?
Do you really believe a low-fat diet will keep most people trim and healthy?
Do you really believe that men in the 1960’s, with less technology than you have in your smart-phone, went to and walked on the moon?
Do you really believe that a talking snake made Adam and Eve eat an apple?
Do you really believe Noah had two of every species of animal on Earth, in one boat?
Do you really believe that trillions of barrels of oil came from dinosaur bones?
Do you really believe the government cannot run without “tax dollars”?
Do you really believe Jews are God’s chosen people?
Do you really believe that a group of pedophile priests are proper representatives for God?
Do you really believe race issues are only about skin tone?

If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you have been misled. If you really and truly believe any of these things, it is because you were told, by some authority, to believe them. Do you really trust these “authorities” to be honest? Do you suppose those in power may have an agenda? Would it be conceivable that it is in their own interests to keep you deceived, and under their control? It was once said that it is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Maybe you are in your comfort zone. Maybe you are happy with your level of knowledge. Maybe you are afraid that you might discover some uncomfortable or disturbing information here. Perhaps you’re afraid that knowledge will also come with a responsibility that you don’t want. If that’s your position, then go on and click out. I’m sure Oprah has some exciting things for you to check out at her place.

But, if you’re a truth-seeker with an inquiring mind, then you’ve come to the right place. If you value spirituality over religion, then you’ll like it here. If you want to know the facts behind the conspiracy theories, then this is the site for you.

There is a lot of dis-information on the internet. You’ve probably read all about the “Reptilian aliens” and the infamous “Illuminati”. That is just drama invented to sell books and keep you distracted. There is nothing for sale here. But you may just find liberation of mind and the truth that will set you free. So, strap in and hold on. You’re about to go to a place where truth is really stranger than fiction.