Why God Hates Your Church

I know, I know. That title is extreme, right? But, if you stay with me for a few minutes, you'll understand that what I'm writing is absolutely true. Besides, God's watchmen tippy-toeing around, and walking on egg shells, and being politically correct hasn't accomplished much for the Kingdom of God, has it? It really doesn't … Continue reading Why God Hates Your Church

Christianity Versus Christ

This writing was done by the late Roger Hathaway in 2011. It's packed with powerful truth - a message all of our White Adamic Family need to take to heart. I hope it means as much to you as it did for me. CHRISTIANITY VERSUS JESUS by the late great Roger Hathaway Hey, Christian! Who … Continue reading Christianity Versus Christ

The True Story of the Serpent Seed

In our last article, we looked at the origins of gods and men, and how the Evil One, was deported from the Creator's heavenly realm, along with his angels/spirits. We also saw that Yahuah/Yahweh (God Almighty) formed Adam, the first white man, from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils, the Breath/Spirit … Continue reading The True Story of the Serpent Seed

Origins of Gods and Men

Before tackling this subject, I must confess that what you are about to read is considered heresy by your pastor. This certainly won't square with the teachings of Religion. But, God doesn't care anything about religion, and neither do I. In order to receive the truth, you must be open to the truth. Religion closes … Continue reading Origins of Gods and Men

The Truth About God

A Subject this enormous makes it difficult to know where to begin. Usually, the beginning is a good place to begin, but this brings us to another difficulty. Which beginning? Does God even have a beginning? Which God are we talking about? How many are there? As usual, this subject seems to create more questions … Continue reading The Truth About God

World of Deception

What if you were told that everything you thought you knew was wrong, and that you have been systematically deceived about everything, all of your life? Well, the truth is, there has been a plan – a conspiracy, to manipulate your thinking, and control your thoughts and behavior, from the time of your childhood until … Continue reading World of Deception